Oregon’s Own was started in 2014, derived from a horticultural
business which originally started 30 years ago.

From the beginning, we have used this wealth of knowledge, experience,
and expertise in growing to create and nurture some of the highest
quality plants both indoors and out.

Our garden is nestled surrounded by the undulating Countryside of
South Portland & the Willamette River. We have a dedicated crew
working in a secure facility to provide the highest standard of
Recreational Cannabis.


Originally a Medical Cannabis garden, we now offer to the recreational market too.

We grow a large variety of Cannabis plants, all providing their own individual effects. From pain relief with our Amnesia Strain & it’s very rare 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, or the focus and energy of our Sour Stardawg, we have you covered.

We have a flower selection ready for you at our store in Multnomah Village Portland, Oregon. Just miles from our farm. We are truly the embodiment of fresh local cannabis, fitting to the true Oregon spirit.

We here at Oregon’s Own are very blessed to be providing these glorious experiences to each and every person who samples our produce.

the future

Oregon’s Own serving all of Oregon with a nestled farm in the South Portland & the Willamette River area.
Our wonderful store is in charming Multnomah Village. Daily deals, fresh farm to table flower and the warmest
welcome in our beautiful gray place of Earth with lush greens. The Pacific Northwest, Oregon.

Historic Multnomah Village:
Oregon’s Own Store
7881 SW Capitol Hwy,
Portland, 97219
Monday – Sunday: 10am to 10pm

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